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Linn Ekos Mark 2  (Preowned, Ref 001837)
Linn Ekos Mark 2  (Preowned, Ref 001837)
Linn Ekos Mark 2  (Preowned, Ref 001837)
Linn Ekos Mark 2  (Preowned, Ref 001837)

Linn Ekos Mark 2 (Preowned, Ref 001837)

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Beautiful example of an Ekos Mark 2.

This was originally a mark 1 manufactured in 1988 and then upgraded at the Linn factory in 1996 to the mark 2 specification (Bearings).

Both dials move freely and both vertical and horizontal bearings are very smooth.

Sweeps across the horizontal plane with only a small anti skate force applied and achieves an 50+ on the swing test.

Cable not included

No original packaging but will be shipped securely.

Ekos Product History

Two variants unofficially referred to as Mark 1 & Mark 2

1988 Mark 1 Introduced

Mark II with improved bearings introduced (S/N 6200)

1991 Slot less pillar introduced (S/N 6490)

2007 Production ceased (around S/N 10634)

Note: Some Mark 1’s may have been returned to the factory for the bearing upgrade.


Ekos Mark 2 Description

A precision tonearm manufactured to sub-micron tolerances to get the most music from the cartridge.

  • Temperature compensated precision springs ensure constant tracking and bias forces
  • Rigid construction, ultra-low friction bearings and clean room assembly to guarantee performance and longevity.
  • All key components machined from solid to ensure no unwanted vibration disturbs the music.
  • Advanced alloys and adhesives to maximise strength and mechanical integrity.
  • Low-loss cable and gold connectors to ensure no music signal is lost. In transmission to preamplifier.
  • Easy to use hydraulic lift/lower device.


Ekos Mark 2 Specification

Effective Mass: 11.5 g

Cartridge Weight Range: 4-9g

Pivot to Stylus: 211 mm

Stylus Overhang: 18 mm

Tracking down force: Adjustable by precision spring

Bias Force: Adjustable by precision spring


Source: Linn Hi-Fi music for life (1993)