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Linn Late Ekos Mark 2  (Preowned, Ref 001996)
Linn Late Ekos Mark 2  (Preowned, Ref 001996)
Linn Late Ekos Mark 2  (Preowned, Ref 001996)
Linn Late Ekos Mark 2  (Preowned, Ref 001996)
Linn Late Ekos Mark 2  (Preowned, Ref 001996)

Linn Late Ekos Mark 2 (Preowned, Ref 001996)

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This is a very late Ekos Mark 2. Probably the best example I've seen.

Cosmetically superb. Usual light cartridge bolt marks and locking screw mark on pillar.

Both dials move freely and both vertical and horizontal bearings are very smooth.

Sweeps across the horizontal plane with only a small anti skate force applied and achieves an impressive 100+ swings.

Silver dot and later armrest lever design as you would expect from a late Ekos.

Cable not included

No original box but will be securely packed.



Ekos Product History

Two variants unofficially referred to as Mark 1 & Mark 2

1988 Mark 1 Introduced

Mark II with improved bearings introduced (S/N 6200)

1991 Slot less pillar introduced (S/N 6490)

2007 Production ceased (around S/N 10634)

Note: Some Mark 1’s may have been returned to the factory for the bearing upgrade.


Ekos Mark 2 Description

A precision tonearm manufactured to sub-micron tolerances to get the most music from the cartridge.

  • Temperature compensated precision springs ensure constant tracking and bias forces
  • Rigid construction, ultra-low friction bearings and clean room assembly to guarantee performance and longevity.
  • All key components machined from solid to ensure no unwanted vibration disturbs the music.
  • Advanced alloys and adhesives to maximise strength and mechanical integrity.
  • Low-loss cable and gold connectors to ensure no music signal is lost. In transmission to preamplifier.
  • Easy to use hydraulic lift/lower device.


Ekos Mark 2 Specification

Effective Mass: 11.5 g

Cartridge Weight Range: 4-9g

Pivot to Stylus: 211 mm

Stylus Overhang: 18 mm

Tracking down force: Adjustable by precision spring

Bias Force: Adjustable by precision spring


Source: Linn Hi-Fi music for life (1993)