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Wera LP12 Intermediate Tool Kit (NEW)

Wera LP12 Intermediate Tool Kit (NEW)

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Brand new set of Wera hand tools to enable the servicing and rebuilding of your LP12.

Consisting of

Nutspinner 5.5 : Motor nuts.

Nutspinner 8 : Suspension nuts.

T-Handle Hex 2 : Motor & cartridge bolts.

T-Handle Hex 4 : Most tonearm collar locking grub screws & the three collar mounting bolts. 

Screwdriver Phillips : Baseboard, cross brace and cable clamp screws.

Screwdriver Phillips : Armboard screws (Phillips only).

Screwdriver Slotted 2.5: Power supply terminal blocks.

Screwdriver HEX 0.050" :  Ittok LV II Tonearm cable locking grub screw.

Screwdriver HEX 1.5 :  Tonearm Lift Locking grub screw & Ittok LV III cable lock grub screw.

Screwdriver TORX 10 : Earth Screws on Majik, Kore & Keel subchassis.

Box Spanner (Non Wera)   : Top-Plate studs.

Quality tools manufactured by the German Engineering Company Wera. The same company that Linn use to supply the tools, included with their sub chassis and Ekos SE arm.

Please note that we have included the commonly required tools to service the LP12 other tools may be required depending upon the components within your LP12.

If intending to remove the bearing you should be considering the Advanced Tool Kit.

The kits come as a set of individual components there is no presentation case.